Sunday, May 08, 2011

necessity is the mother of invention ~ Plato

This mothering gig is not always easy. I do love it, but sometimes you just wonder how you kept them alive and out of trouble all these years. You trust your instincts, you do what you have to do, and most of the time they turn out all right even if you're just making it up as you go along. We've been so blessed with our boys and we love them dearly.

This was what I saw first thing this morning. With a little prompting from their dad, my sweeties remembered that it was Mother's Day today.

They also remembered how much I love getting flowers.

The weather was so lovely that I ended up having my breakfast outside. A slice of brioche with delicious Danish butter and strawberry-rhubarb jam and large Milchkaffee.

We got home from vacation a week ago and I still have Denmark on the brain. Mother's Day always makes me think of a dear family friend, a wonderful Danish woman who passed away many years ago. She left me this keepsake, given to her by her daughter, her only child. It hung on her living room wall along with her collection of Royal Copenhagen plates. Now it hangs on our wall and reminds me how kind and nurturing she was even if she wasn't my mother. Read more about Auntie Joey in this post from several years ago.

My own fabulous mother in Vancouver is still as full of beans as ever and obviously talking someone's ear off on the phone since the line has been busy for ages. That's a good sign, I guess. I'll try again later.

Happy Mother's Day!



At May 08, 2011 9:39 p.m., Blogger Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day!

At May 09, 2011 2:25 a.m., Blogger Maribeth said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! I'm glad it was a good one for you! It was for me!

At May 09, 2011 9:39 a.m., Blogger Mar said...

Glad you had a lovely Mothers'Day! "mine" was the week before. You know: "Spain is different"!

At May 10, 2011 9:50 p.m., Blogger Expat Traveler said...

It sounds like your mother's day was excellent. And those flowers are beautiful. That brioche looks amazing!

I surprised mine with a grandma's day card, her first. We spent the day with our other grandmother here too, or my mother in law..

And I received some tulips and Cammie gave me smiles when she woke up and when she went to bed.. Pretty nice for a first mother's day!

At May 12, 2011 8:54 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

You of all people, Christina, deserve everything you get for Mother's Day...which, in your case, should be every day! Thanks for sharing. :)

At May 13, 2011 10:10 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

Blogger ate all my comments yesterday, Christina, so I'm back to say this post is so YOU. Happy Mother's Day. Of all people in the world, YOU deserve everything they did/do for you. Too bad more days can't be the same, right?! :)


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