Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a good day starts and ends with cake

You know something's up when your husband serves you cake for breakfast...


your peonies are in full bloom...

 your very best friend in Vancouver sends you nail polish that matches your petunias...

and you receive one of those docking station thingies for your ancient second generation iPod Nano. Because certain family members have noticed that you always seem to be at least five years behind the times and feel that it is time for you to move into the new millenium before it's too late.

(something old (like me) and something new)

And then you suddenly remember that it's your birthday (48! Sheesh!) and that you better go make some cake because that's the way they do things around these parts.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake

It was a good day. Wish you could have been there.

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

necessity is the mother of invention ~ Plato

This mothering gig is not always easy. I do love it, but sometimes you just wonder how you kept them alive and out of trouble all these years. You trust your instincts, you do what you have to do, and most of the time they turn out all right even if you're just making it up as you go along. We've been so blessed with our boys and we love them dearly.

This was what I saw first thing this morning. With a little prompting from their dad, my sweeties remembered that it was Mother's Day today.

They also remembered how much I love getting flowers.

The weather was so lovely that I ended up having my breakfast outside. A slice of brioche with delicious Danish butter and strawberry-rhubarb jam and large Milchkaffee.

We got home from vacation a week ago and I still have Denmark on the brain. Mother's Day always makes me think of a dear family friend, a wonderful Danish woman who passed away many years ago. She left me this keepsake, given to her by her daughter, her only child. It hung on her living room wall along with her collection of Royal Copenhagen plates. Now it hangs on our wall and reminds me how kind and nurturing she was even if she wasn't my mother. Read more about Auntie Joey in this post from several years ago.

My own fabulous mother in Vancouver is still as full of beans as ever and obviously talking someone's ear off on the phone since the line has been busy for ages. That's a good sign, I guess. I'll try again later.

Happy Mother's Day!


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