Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I feel so old

You know our first born? The one I used to call my tiny sweetheart when he was only a little bit of a thing? He turned 18 on Monday and is now officially allowed to drive by himself. Here he is many years ago practicing for the big day.

Boy15 decorated a cake for his big brother to commemorate this blessed event. You can bet he'll be hitching a ride from now on.

Despite being knocked out by a high fever on Sunday, the birthday boy managed to recover somewhat on Monday and ate his fair share of cheesecake, his favourite. Here's what's left of it. It was really, really good. I should know, I had two pieces.

Balloons were blown up, cards and money arrived from overseas and a brand new laptop was connected to the internet. Who could ask for more? It's exam season for those in their last year of high school so the Pac Man stress ball is going to come in handy, as are the Nintendo Power Mints should there be any cute chicks in the vicinity when all the stress is over. Little brother thinks of everything.

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that this is just the start of birthday season. We've got two more special days coming up in the next week and a half. I guess I better get baking...

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