Saturday, August 28, 2010

drip drip drip

Hey, guess what? The colitis flare has morphed into something more sinister involving my liver and pancreas. Wonderful. So I'll be in the hospital for a few days getting things checked out. So much fun.

Monday, August 09, 2010

...and boy are my arms tired

All of me is tired, actually. I feel like I'm dragging a hundred pound weight behind me. Jet lag will do that to a person. We got back last Tuesday and I still don't feel normal, but there are a few reasons for that other than nine time zones.

The first four weeks of our holiday were great. The last two not so great.

I had a wicked, wicked colitis flare-up that continues to make me miserable. Of course we were camping at the time which made it so much fun. 25 pounds down now but not in a good way. Doctor's appointment tomorrow to get myself sorted out.

To add to that, a few days before we left to go back to Germany my mother had a small stroke and had to be hospitalized for two nights. She is doing well but had another episode on our day of departure (we were already in the air at the time and only found out later) and had to go to hospital again for several hours. Now we just need to make sure she takes her medication as prescribed and stays calm. Thank goodness one of my brothers is there to look after things or else I might not have come back as scheduled.

So as you can imagine I am not in the best of blogging moods although I suppose it would be a good distraction from all the stressors going on right now. I have lots of pictures and will try to get some up some time soon.

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