Monday, May 25, 2009

any excuse to eat cake

In case you've been keeping track, I turned 46 today. And not a moment too soon - 45 was getting pretty old. I was ready for a change. To take my mind off of being so very ancient, I made cake. Lots of cake. Which will be eaten by eager family members later on this evening after a simple barbeque on the deck.

It's a beautiful day, I've been sitting outside in the garden enjoying the weather and contemplating both middle age and my aging middle. I've decided that being fairly well preserved and pleasingly plump is not the worst thing that could happen to a girl.

My morning started with some perfectly lovely roses from my better half

It's too hot for chocolate cake and we're all too flabby to dive into the whipped cream so I went for something fruity. Fruit has vitamins, right? Just for today, we'll pretend that cake is one of the four major food groups.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Lemon Tea Loaf

Rhubarb Matrimonial Squares (as they are called in Western Canada)

Must go now. The mother-in-law will be here any minute bearing gifts. Lucky me.

P.S. The link to the Lemon Tea Loaf recipe was broken. I've fixed it now!

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At May 25, 2009 4:14 p.m., Blogger CanadianSwiss said...

Happy Birthday, Christina! My goodness the strawberry cheesecake look so tempting! When will they finally start making scented blogging for these things? :-)

Have a wonderful day!

At May 25, 2009 4:31 p.m., Blogger christina said...

CSwiss - thanks so much! Yes, scratch and sniff blogging would be great. :-)

At May 25, 2009 4:42 p.m., Blogger Mar said...

Happy birthday to you!! (and to my sis, who is one year older than you). That strawberry cheesecake looks like a piece of art, beautifully decorated!
Have a wonderful day :)

At May 25, 2009 4:47 p.m., Blogger Thimbleanna said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Ms. Mausi! Those roses are gorgeous. And your cakes look fabulous -- lucky you indeed!

At May 25, 2009 4:53 p.m., Blogger Alison said...

YAY cake! Have a wonderful birthday and a great year!

At May 25, 2009 5:10 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time for you to write a cake cookbook. I have never seen such a beautiful cheesecake in my life.
Happy Birthday, Christina.
Gerda aka gerdaomi

At May 25, 2009 5:23 p.m., Blogger Claire said...

Lovely cakes from a Lovely Lady! Here is hoping that 46 is fabulous! Happy Birthday!

At May 25, 2009 6:22 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

Scratch and sniff...HAHAHA! I love it, Christina. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you young thing! :)

At May 25, 2009 6:38 p.m., Anonymous ian in hamburg said...

Happy Birthday! I'll look for some of those squares out on the west coast this summer. :)

At May 25, 2009 10:51 p.m., Blogger J said...

The day they start making scratch and sniff blogging is the day I stop reading this blog.

I'd be hungry all the time.

Happy Bday, Northern Goddess

At May 25, 2009 11:44 p.m., Blogger Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Happy Birthday! :)

- A new reader.

At May 26, 2009 12:24 a.m., Blogger Maribeth said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to my favorite Mausi!

At May 26, 2009 12:37 a.m., Blogger hexe said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to know that I am not alone in the 40s! The cheesecake looks especially yummy!

At May 26, 2009 12:37 a.m., Anonymous Renate said...

Happy Birthday to the both of us, Mausi. You turned 46 and I turned 64 today. One piece of advice, enjoy your 40s - those were some of the best years of my life!

At May 26, 2009 1:15 a.m., Blogger Silvia said...

Happy Birthday Christina!

At May 26, 2009 4:13 a.m., Blogger Betsy said...

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

(And may 46 be infinitely kinder to you than 45 was!)

At May 26, 2009 7:16 a.m., Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Happy Birthday! Wow everyone seems to have a bday today! That strawberry cheesecake looks incredible! I've been craving something like that for weeks on end.. I must show P!

I so agree with CS... Can't we have computer scents too!

At May 26, 2009 1:22 p.m., Blogger Lydia said...

Yum yum. Looks like a delicious celebration. Happy Birthday!

At May 26, 2009 3:03 p.m., Blogger Snooker said...

Happy Birthday Christina!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
I wish for your next year to be filled with happiness and love.

That cake looks FANTABULOUS!
Oh look, 15.02... PERFECT TIME for some cake! Now I'm hungry.

At May 26, 2009 6:33 p.m., Blogger essie said...

Happy Happy Birthday wishes from Heidelberg!!
please give us all a "birthday favor" and post recipes-i'm drooling into the keys of my laptop...not cute!

At May 27, 2009 6:45 a.m., Anonymous Lisa said...

GAH that looks good. I nominate you as person I'd most like to be stranded on a desert island with a generator, oven and enough baking supplies for a lifetime.

Happy birthday here on the blog! :D

At May 28, 2009 7:32 a.m., Blogger Neena said...

Happy sweet 46 Birthday!!

Wow your all goodies look sweet enough to eat.
I'm interest in "Lemon Tea Loaf" (link is broken) care to share the recipe?

At May 28, 2009 10:02 p.m., Blogger Silvia said...

Christina, I made the Rhubarb squares, they are to die for!
But I am wondering what you used for "cream cheese" in Germany, and how you got your hands on sweetened condensed milk since they don't have that over there?

At May 29, 2009 7:48 p.m., Blogger beaverboosh said...

Happy Bday girl, eat some cake for me please!

At June 05, 2009 10:41 a.m., Blogger christina said...

Mar - Thanks! Well at least somebody is older than I am!

Thimbelanna - VERY lucky. I need to remind myself of that more often. :-)

Alison - Thank you!

Gerda - Thank you - not an original recipe, but an original presentation.

Claire - Thanks, Dude!

Ginnie - Then we'd spend all day on the internet being hungry! I still feel 16 on the inside, thank goodness.

ian - Thanks! The squares are usually made with dates and I have no idea why they call them that.

J - We need to invent something where you click on the image and a piece of cake comes out of the CD drive!

Sands - Thank you and thanks for dropping by.

Maribeth - Thanks, sweetie!

hexe - But you're still a spring chicken compared to the rest of us.

Renate - Thanks! I LOVE being in my 40's and I think I'll enjoy the rest too.

Betsy - Danke! Yeah, I'm hoping 46 will bring fewer suprises than 45.

Expat - Thanks! The cake is really, really easy to make. You should give it a try.

Lydia - thanks for stopping by!

Snooker - Thanks! ANY time is time for cake as far as I'm concerned.

essie - Thanks! There are links to the recipes if you click on the cake name under the photo.

Lisa - LOL! But after a month you'd probably be saying "Oooog, cheesecake AGAIN?" Thanks for the b'day wishes.

Neena - Thank you! I fixed the link - thanks for letting me know.

Sylvia - I'm glad the rhurbarb squares worked out well for you. We can get cream cheese here - Philadelphia, Exuisa, Buko all make it. And you can get sweetened condensed milk now too - it's the Milchmädchen brand from Nestlé.

beaverboosh - Thanks! I ate three pieces in your honour.

At June 07, 2009 6:07 p.m., Blogger Silvia said...

Christina, I will make those Rhubarb squares again, they were a hit! I know that you have all the Frischkaese brands available, I was just curious if you used Quark at all or not, since you have far more better cheeses on hand over there than Philadelphia.LOL As far as the condensed milk goes, thats just great, I will pass that on ASAP!Thanks!:)

At August 13, 2009 3:25 a.m., Blogger Rositta said...

A happy belated Birthday Christina, I've been remiss. The cakes all look wonderful, they make my mouth water...ciao


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