Thursday, January 22, 2009

my new year so far? not so good.

I'm haven't stopped blogging! I've just been conserving my energy for more pressing matters.

Remember those two back-to-back colds I had starting in late November? Well, just when I thought I had gotten rid of the sniffles for good, the second cold morphed into strep throat mid-January and I've been on antibiotics since then. Bleh. I hate taking them, but it was necessary this time, for a variety of reasons.

All this illness just goes to show how sensitive the immune system is to stress and worry. I've been worrying an awful lot for the past several months and after a rather unpleasant but very informative doctor's appointment in early January I've made a life-changing decision. If I had any doubts, the week (yet another one) spent in hormone hell following the appointment only served to seal the deal.

On January 27th, that's next Tuesday for those keeping track, I'll be going in for a hysterectomy. It's not an emergency, I don't have cancer or any other life threatening condition. In fact this is something I've been considering for the past year and a half ever since my doctor presented the idea to me as a solution to several health issues I've been dealing with for a long time now.

It may sound like a radical step, but if you know me, you'll know that I've researched deep into the night, considering ALL the possible options and figuring out, with professional advice, of course, that this is the best one for me.

As you can imagine, I'm quite apprehensive about the whole thing. Luckily I'm a good candidate for the least invasive method, a so-called LSH - laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy. Only the offending organ is removed, leaving the healthy bits intact. Incisions are minimal and I won't immediately be plunged into early menopause.

I'm getting different feedback on the recovery, actually expecting the worst and preparing myself to take it VERY easy until I'm completely healed. We're looking at NO lifting (well, nothing heavier than a gin and tonic), NO housework, NO grocery shopping and NO serious canoodling with the better half for many, many weeks to come. Since I'm also having another procedure (a TVT - I'll let clever googlers figure that one out) done at the same time, I'm expecting that things may take a bit longer to get back to normal. My three peeps have stepped up to the plate and assured me that they'll keep things running around here until the chief cook and bottle washer is on her feet again.

So I'm thinking of just scrapping the past few weeks and starting my new year all over again next Wednesday or so, if that's OK with everyone.

When I start blogging again will depend on a lot of things. I'm focusing on a positive outcome to all this and I'm sure everything will be fine, just fine. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself. Heh.(Tries not to panic.)

And now a few photos of the New Year's Eve fireworks in our neighbourhood. This is the kind of energy I'm hoping for when I return.

See y'all on the flip side!

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