Friday, September 26, 2008

arghhh. and wheee!

Ho hum. Same old, same old. My doctor's appointment yesterday was uneventful, apart from it being at the hospital's surgery clinic where fancy-looking doctors wearing bright green Crocs were whizzing in and out the whole time. If it had been Wednesday I would have said they were late for their golf games.

I didn't get to see the head physician, you need extra private insurance for that, but the doctor I did get was a nice enough fellow and actually took the time to listen and then asked a lot of questions himself. Not that it helped any, because he said although all my symptoms pointed to a hernia somewhere in the umbilical region, he could neither see nor feel anything to confirm the suspicion. Meh. That's no good. He and I both agreed that it's probably not a good idea to slit someone's belly open unless you're fairly sure what you're looking for so right now I'm on "watchful waiting". He even suggested that if it is indeed a hernia that I should go ahead and lift heavy stuff, cough and sneeze a lot and do abdominal exercises regularly just to provoke the little beggar and see if he'll raise his ugly head.

Since abdominal pain can be mighty difficult to diagonose he considered that it could be something else entirely and encouraged me to get a bunch of other stuff checked out, including the possibility of an ulcer or some weird gynecological issue. Mmmm. More doctors, more fun.

Or maybe I'll just ignore everything and get on with it. No time for bellyaches tonight because tomorrow morning I'll be arriving in in Bremen for the 2008 Whiney Expat Blogger Meet-Up, aka WEBMU (thanks, Jen!) There will be zillions of bloggers and friends there this year. The hotels and restaurants we booked meals at are dancing a little jig already, I'm sure.

I really do promise to get back to blogging next week. Between worrying about my health (which made me lose 6 lbs, not a bad thing, really), doing volunteer work and working on a project that someone is actually willing to pay me money for, my brain has been kind of busy. And you should see what my house looks like! At least I managed to remove the science experiments from the fridge this afternoon so no one dies over the weekend.

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At September 27, 2008 1:29 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

I still find myself thinking about what happened to Donica, Christina, and they DID find a vwery small hernia in the process. Maybe THAT was the cause of all her pain and noth what they thought it was. Anyway, I do wish someone could get to the bottom of this for you. That nagging pain is no fun!

I am so glad I have been in Bremen and can picture you bloggers having fun there in that quaint city. I hope someone thinks about getting a group photo around The Grimm Brothers' The Magicians statue!

At September 29, 2008 5:13 p.m., Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Oh the meet up sounds like it could have been so much fun! But the fun stops there when you talk about aches and pains that you just don't know what to do with and what's wrong..

I have to go spy on the other blogs to see how the meet up went! :)

And by the way, glad you LOVED that joke and yes the weather has been incredible all month long!


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