Sunday, June 29, 2008

reverse psychology

We eat enough German food around here, so tonight in honour of the Germany vs. Spain Euro 2008 final we had somthing different for dinner.

Tapas, baby!

And some cheap Sangria to wash them down with

That means Germany will win for sure, right? My prediction for tonight? 2:2 in the regular game and a win for the Fatherland in the penalty thingie.

UPDATE: Spain wins 1:0! Oh well. They were by far the better players tonight.

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At June 29, 2008 11:27 p.m., Blogger Maribeth said...

Sorry Germany lost. My condolences to the boys!

At June 30, 2008 6:50 a.m., Blogger CanadianSwiss said...

Spain did play surprisingly well. I'm just glad that the EM is finally over. No more soccer for the next... uhm two years? :)

At June 30, 2008 8:45 a.m., Blogger Lynda said...

Well it was worth a try and looks delicious!

At June 30, 2008 12:12 p.m., Blogger Ms Mac said...

Oh no! I feel like a total turncoat now, having barracked for Spain all night. But they were better looking than Ballack and his blokes.

Never mind, Germany can try again in four more years.

At June 30, 2008 3:58 p.m., Blogger J said...

yay!!! Spain!

At June 30, 2008 9:46 p.m., Blogger Rositta said...

We are at our cabin in the woods and seems over winter the satelite dish went weird. I had my husband out there in the pouring rain repositioning the sucker so I could see some of the game. It was pretty pathetic (the dish) but in all honesty Spain outplayed Germany and deserved to win..ciao

At July 01, 2008 11:46 a.m., Blogger Di Mackey said...

Ooops, you ate Spanish food lol, so it's your fault that Germany one.

Giggling so hard here, I'm sorry.

At July 02, 2008 4:59 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

Well, I must say I did think about you, Christina (and all of Germany) before we went to bed (in AMS) before the game ended. We did see the only goal of the game, however, so I guess we didn't miss anything. There's always next year, right?!

At July 02, 2008 10:58 p.m., Blogger christina said...

maribeth - They took it very well. :-)

CanSwiss - Yes, they deserved to win. It'll be nice to not have to see all the football stuff for a while. Next WM is in South Africa in two years, yes.

Lynda - I'll take food over football any day.

ms mac - Oooh yes, the Spaniards were very attractive, weren't they. Although I do have a soft spot for Jens Lehmann. The rest of them are sort of odd looking.

J - Your wish came true!

rositta - Great that you could watch the game there too. Spain really was the better team.

di - It's always my fault! :-)

ginnie - The rest of the game wasn't too exciting, really. Next WM in two years, next EM in 4 so we'll get a little break.


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