Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ebeltoft - how do you like them apples?

Ebeltoft, one of Denmark's oldest market towns, was thought to have been established as early as the 12th century and received its municipal status in 1301. Up until about 200 years ago it was primarily inhabited by seamen and artisans. Ebeltoft gets its name from æble, the Danish word for apple, a tribute to the many apple orchards surrounding the town. Every fall Ebeltoft hosts an apple festival. We enjoyed this little place so much that you may just find us there again come October.

The old part of the town is absolutely charming, with half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets. Many of the houses are painted in pretty blues and yellows.

Every year about 500 couples marry at det gamle rådhus - the old town hall, originally built in 1789. Since Ebeltoft is also well-known as a centre for glass art, each couple receives a green glass apple as a wedding present. Mr. M kindly treated me to my own lovely glass apple from the Ebeltoft Glass Museum but he has squirreled away and I'll have to wait until my birthday (only a month away - mark your calendars!) to show it to you!

the smallest town hall in the world

Boy11 was fascinated by the Mols Bolsjer, a family-run candy business where visitors are invited to watch boiled sweets in every imaginable flavour and colour being made on a daily basis. Yum. Sorry, they're all gone now.

Down by the beach we saw quite a few of these houses with traditional thatched roofs. There are over 7,000 summer houses in an around Ebeltoft and if you're lucky, you can get one like this.

So you think that was it? No, no, I'm not finished yet. More excitement tomorrow!



At April 24, 2007 4:52 p.m., Blogger Kim and Victoria said...

Looks wonderful. May have to be included in our next vacation.

At April 24, 2007 5:03 p.m., Blogger ossy said...

Oh, how I long to travel! Your pictures take me away. I also learned a new word, which I will teach my son today. Thank You.

At April 24, 2007 6:54 p.m., Blogger CanadianSwiss said...

Your picts look soooo relaxed! The perfect vacation and so beautiful and calm (well, except for the candy factory ;))

At April 24, 2007 7:27 p.m., Blogger ossy said...

I wanted to make one more comment. I followed a link on your blog: bilingual family network. This led me to "language lizard". It's wonderful! With my son trying to learn German and my 8 year old daughter learning portuguese (easier for me, since I speak it), I've been looking for story books in those languages. Now I've found some. Thanks again!

At April 25, 2007 12:05 a.m., Blogger Dixie said...

What a charming little town!

At April 25, 2007 2:21 a.m., Blogger hexe said...

I love the photos of the market town. After seeing your photos, I have added yet another place to visit to my ever growing list.

At April 25, 2007 2:52 a.m., Blogger Lynda said...

Oh I love those photos - and the glas apple sounds wonderful (calender marked) - I haven't been to Denmark, but now I want to go next time I am visiting the out-laws in germany.

At April 25, 2007 10:13 a.m., Blogger tinakala said...

What a really, really cute little town. Lucky you.

At April 25, 2007 10:15 a.m., Blogger Maria said...


At April 25, 2007 10:39 a.m., Blogger Elemmaciltur said...

Wow! Denmark sure looks extremely charming! Looking forward to read more. :-)

At April 25, 2007 12:55 p.m., Blogger CaliforniaKat said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, they're great and give me a sense of different seasons in Denmark. Everything is covered with snow in my photos from a winter many years ago :(

At April 25, 2007 2:57 p.m., Blogger christina said...

kim and victoria - Definitely worth a visit!

ossy - It was really nice to get away and see something else. Where we live has become pretty "ho hum" after all these years. I'm so glad you found some useful resources at the Bilingual Family Network - it's a great site.

Dixie - You'd love it - it's just adorable.

hexe - I guess people visiting Europe don't usually include Denmark on their list but it's a wonderful place for a vacation.

CSwiss - We were looking for something relaxing and this place was really laid back. No big cities, no running around. But yeah, the candy factory made a few hearts beat faster. Had to go back there twice to spend the pocket money. :-)

lynda - There were little glass art and glass blowing studios everywhere. The place is just full of artisans.

tinakala - It's nice that it's so close but so different to where we live.

maria - Maybe you guys will get transfered there next! ;-)

Elemm - The stores there were wonderful - lots of great colour and design. You'd like it I'm sure.

californiakat - We found it to be about two weeks behind Germany as far as the vegetation goes - the buds were *just* starting to come out and everything was quite bare but the sun shone the whole time. I'd love to see it in winter too.

At April 26, 2007 3:34 a.m., Blogger Julie said...

Truly Charming. It looks so peaceful.

At April 26, 2007 4:13 p.m., Blogger Poppy Fields said...

It is so pretty and CLEAN compared to someplace like Marseille, which has it's charm too, just not as clean.

At April 27, 2007 12:54 p.m., Blogger Pardon My French said...

So, now I've added Denmark to the places I'd love to go. You're a really good tour guide. Did you get to use your 'Hej' and 'Tak' (whatever those mean)?

At April 28, 2007 2:35 a.m., Blogger Rositta said...

What a lovely spot for a vacation. Absolutely love the blue...ciao

At April 30, 2007 6:06 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

So quaint and charming, Christina. I'm such a glutton for these old cities, as you know. I'm so glad you're showing us the pics because they say everything. But your text, of course, is always so good as well! :)

At May 01, 2007 11:34 p.m., Anonymous jessica said...

i just love you for saying "how do you like them apples." My dad, who is king of this phrase, just postponed a trip to come and see me, and well, that phrase made my day


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