Thursday, February 08, 2007

houston, we have a floor

The floor looks like terra cotta tiles but is actually laminate flooring from the Parador Stone-Click series. It only took Mr M a couple of hours to install and looks like it will be very easy-care.

The other wood-patterned board is left over from the laminate we have installed throughout the rest of the ground floor.

Oh yes, and Mr. M asked me to make sure to take a picture of this nifty blue precision instrument that he designeded himself and had some colleagues at work make for him when we moved in here and had to install a bunch of new flooring. I'm not exactly sure what this thing does, but it seems to work.

And we have lights (you know, from that Swedish place) that could be mistaken for UFOs but look much more cheerful when they're on.

While we're at it, we also have...

...snow! For the first time this year, and...

...sushi! For tonight's no-cook dinner.

If all goes well we should be basking in the glow of our new kitchen by tomorrow night.



At February 08, 2007 6:12 p.m., Blogger Betsy said...

Hey! I have that swedish UFO light as well! I think it's really cute!

Can I come over for sushi tonite? Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?

At February 08, 2007 6:50 p.m., Blogger Rositta said...

You are just tooo domesticated, wow, sushi. The flooring is great, we have it in our basement, sunroom and cottage and it wears really well. Very easy care also, you will like it...ciao

At February 08, 2007 7:44 p.m., Anonymous kiwi-kath said...

I am so excited!!! The floor looks lovely and the ceiling fixture is cool. Yay!

At February 08, 2007 8:04 p.m., Blogger Mike B said...

Is that tile laminate or linoleum. In any case, it looks good.

The blue device is ... and this is the aerospace engineer in me speaking ... is one of those thingies floor installers do stuff with.

Sushi looks great!

At February 08, 2007 9:34 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

Oh how lovely, Christina. I know you're in 7th heaven and can hardly wait till tomorrow night or whenever it's all done. Congratulations to you both! It sounds like you really did this together! :)

AND YES! SNOW. FINALLY. I haven't been out in it but expect it'll still be on the ground when I leave for the airport early tomorrow morning. It's wet and gloppy, but it's snow, nonetheless! Yay!

Have a great weekend in your new kitchen!

At February 08, 2007 10:49 p.m., Anonymous Maribeth said...

It looks great! I hate my floor in the kitchen and seriously want a new one!

At February 09, 2007 12:19 a.m., Blogger christina said...

Betsy- Well, you obviously have excellent taste. I wonder how many other people have that light? We should do a survey. Oops, we ate all the sushi before I saw your comment. :-)

rositta - Well, I didn't make it myself, I just thawed it out. I'm loving the floor already. WAY better than what we had before.

kiwi-kath - I'm really excited too but not looking forward to putting all the STUFF back. I may just throw some of it away. What a concept, eh? :-)

mike - It's tile laminate. If you click on the link in my post you can get the details. The blue floor thingie was indispensable this time.

Ginnie - We're sure hoping they'll be done by tomorrow evening and yes, we managed to work together without killing each other. :-)

We had quite a bit of snow and it looks like it'll still be there tomorrow. Have a safe trip home and I'm crossing my fingers that things will be as they should be when you arrive. :-)

maribeth - I think I'm going to be really happy with this floor. We had real tile before, with vinyl flooring over that for a while. I disliked them both so much so I'm looking foward to something that's easy and doesn't show the dirt.

At February 09, 2007 1:08 a.m., Blogger Dixie said...

Wow! That floor looks great! I can't wait to see the completed kitchen.

At February 09, 2007 1:20 a.m., Blogger melusina said...

The flooring looks almost exactly like the flooring we picked for our kitchen! Although ours might be a little darker, I haven't been up to the house in awhile. Still, great minds, etc, etc.

Good luck with your new kitchen, I hope it all goes smoothly!

We just purchased the kitchen for our new house (egads, how expensive ARE kitchens??) and I can't wait. Finally, my dream kitchen.

At February 09, 2007 6:30 a.m., Blogger CanadianSwiss said...

Isn't it amazing to see the different laminates now a days? And so easy to install! You must be really excited about your new kitchen.

Have you already made plans for the first dinner in the new kitchen?

At February 09, 2007 7:10 a.m., Blogger Rebecca said...

I love basking! Basking is the best.

That sushi looks D vine BTW.

At February 09, 2007 9:25 a.m., Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...

That floor looks veeeeeeery familiar.

Excellent choice! You'll love it. It does NOT show dirt at all.


At February 09, 2007 9:53 a.m., Blogger Alison said...

OMG! Your floor looks exactly like the floor in my livingroom which is unfortunately real tile. My mom just installed some of the click tile and loves it! Yours looks great! Oooh, and the sushi looks so yummy :)

At February 09, 2007 10:23 a.m., Blogger mar said...

Haven't been to that Swedish place in a while ... It used to be 50km away so it was a rather long trip, it's only 16km away now and.that'.dangerous to my wallet.
That nifty blue precision instrument looks like something I would find among Mr Mar's treasures if I ever dared to step into his workroom.
Can't wait to see the pics of your new kitchen!!!

At February 09, 2007 4:02 p.m., Blogger Angie said...

A breakthrough! Food that actually doesn't make me hungry! (Ick, sushi... nice presentation, though!)
Love the floor! Congrats! :)

At February 10, 2007 5:58 p.m., Blogger d. chedwick bryant said...

fooled me--the floor looks like heavy stone tiles--
the sushi looks really good. Your Nutela post: I can only buy 1 or 2 jatrs per year because if it is in the house I tend to eat the entire jar within 72 hours. It never occurred to me to use it in baking.

At February 10, 2007 11:31 p.m., Blogger christina said...

Dixie - All done! Update soon.

melusina - I guess we are all just totally hip as far as floors are concerned. We definitely wanted laminate but thought we'd choose some kind of wood pattern but then I saw the tiles and liked those much better.
And yeah, kitchens are WAY too expensive.

CSwiss - It was SO easy to install! We had our first dinner tonight but it wasn't anything to write home about so I won't count it as official.

Rebecca - Now that all the lights are in it does have a kind of glow to it. We buy the sushi frozen and it's as good as fresh when it's thawed.

Sal - Yep, looks like everyone's doing it these days. It's doing an excellent job of not showing the dirt so far and I love the colour.

Alison - Terra cotta is where it's at. I do like real tile, but whenever I've had it it's been such a pain to maintain that I got fed up. The click laminate is a breeze to lay. When we moved in here almost 11 years ago we used the kind that you have to glue and that wasn't so fun.

mar - Now that IKEA is popping up everywhere there's just no exuse not to go. So Mr Mar is also a handyman. I can't find a thing in the workshop so I rarely go down there. :-)

angie - OK, I'll forgive you for not being a fan of raw fish, but the little cucumber ones are SO good.

d. chedwick bryant - Thanks for stopping by, you cool cat. :-) Did you check out all the Nutella creations at the original Nutella Day post?

At February 11, 2007 5:40 a.m., Blogger Kim and Victoria said...

Did you make the sushi yourself? Do you have the recipe? Snow for the first time this winter? I'm guessing you're in southern Germany? Nice to see your website.

At February 11, 2007 11:40 p.m., Blogger christina said...

kim and victoria- Hi and thanks for visiting. Nope, I didn't make the sushi myself this time. There are tons of recipes on the net though if you want to try it.

As for the snow - we live in northern Germany and have had hardly any snow in the past few years. Mostly just rain, rain, rain. :-)

At February 12, 2007 1:43 a.m., Blogger Cathy said...

It all looks great, Christina!

At February 12, 2007 8:34 a.m., Blogger Cynthia Rae said...

Love the new floor! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new kitchen!

ps. I am jealous! Still no snow here. Just fog...fog....fog...fog!

At February 12, 2007 5:31 p.m., Blogger Expat Traveler said...

yummy! That sushi looks incredible. I've been craving it for 2 wks but P hasn't... I've lost!

At February 13, 2007 9:24 a.m., Blogger Lesley said...

I think we have the same tiles!:


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