Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I wish I didn't have to go out

Last time I checked it was about -6C outside. Just a drop in the bucket compared to the temperatures in other parts of Germany or in places like Russia but cold enough for me. Four people have frozen to death so far in Germany and many, many more further east. Can you imagine?

I'd rather stay inside but today is my last after school ('after school' in Germany being 12:45 p.m. - go figure) English class with this particular group of fourth graders at the school library. It's the end of the first school term so the kids get their report cards this Friday and then don't have to be back at school until next Wednesday. I guess they figure they need four days off to recover from the shock.

I enjoyed this group, but there are always one or two kids who will just not stop talking and poking at each other no matter what I do. I've told them many times that all of us are there on a voluntary basis and that they're free to leave the group if they so choose. They stay anyway. I guess they enjoy being yelled at. Ha ha. We'll see how fast I can whip the next group of kids into shape.

Today we're making little "All about Me" booklets where they have to write one sentence about themselves on each page and draw a picture to go with it. I've done this before and it was a big hit. I mean, how many people don't enjoy talking about themselves?

Maybe we'll have a bunch of future bloggers on our hands!


At January 24, 2006 12:36 p.m., Anonymous Wendy said...

That's what I should rename my blog..All about Me! ...aren't we just a big bunch of overgrown kids..:-) I admire you for working with kids...not easy.

At January 24, 2006 12:47 p.m., Blogger CanadianSwiss said...

I could never figure out the school systems in Europe. Nice idea these "all about me" booklets. You might even recognize some of them in the future on your own blog! Now wouldn't that be cute? ;-)

At January 24, 2006 12:58 p.m., Anonymous neil said...

It's -6°C in the brilliant midday sun here, and yes nothing compared to real cold further east (or last February come to think of it), but I'm not going running this lunchtime, that's for sure.....

At January 24, 2006 1:43 p.m., Blogger Lisa said...

*ignoring the rest of the post, she said...*

I, for one, have never enjoy talking about myself. I'm extremely modest.

At January 24, 2006 1:44 p.m., Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Okay, I will share my trick for dealing with unruly children.

Remember that movie, The Untouchables, with Kevin Costner? In one scene Robert DiNiro, as Al Capone, comes up behind one of his underlings and clubs him with a baseball bat while they're sitting around a table.

Do that once, and you will be surprised how quickly the others fall in line.

At January 24, 2006 2:12 p.m., Blogger Betty said...

I love those books DS made when he was little. One had a page with a picture of me saying, "My mom is good at sleeping." I still have them somewhere.

At January 24, 2006 3:06 p.m., Blogger Haddock said...

In this weather....stay inside!.....that's my gameplan today and I'm going to stick to it.
It's horiffic that people are actually freezing to death.

At January 24, 2006 3:45 p.m., Blogger Schatzi said...

Stay Warm Mausi.. I simply can't imagine living in sub arctic temps anymore.. Suthin' USA is quite nice thankyou!

At January 24, 2006 5:04 p.m., Blogger PapaScott said...

('after school' in Germany being 12:45 p.m. - go figure)

And I am so looking forward to that this fall! :-(

BTW, where I come from they call -6°C in January a heat wave!

At January 24, 2006 5:49 p.m., Anonymous mar said...

Sending sunshine your way to warm you up, Mausi. I can stand below 0 degrees only on ski vacation... Good luck with your 4th-graders! wonderful job, the one you are doing with them.

At January 24, 2006 8:39 p.m., Blogger Elemmaciltur said...

Going to the conference this morning at 7.30 a.m....and it was -12°C downtown in Munich!

At January 24, 2006 9:14 p.m., Blogger Wabby said...

Brrrrrr! Ask Peaches to send you some warm socks!

At January 24, 2006 9:24 p.m., Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Funny enough - Here in Vancouver they were doing the same thing at the beginning of the year. It was a bit more complex but still it was definitely a hit!

cool weather - well I knew that was coming since it was too darn cold in Russia. PEople are supposedly panicing in Greece where there is snow falling... Go figure...

At January 24, 2006 10:54 p.m., Blogger christina said...

Wendy - excellent idea! :-)

canadianswiss - Yes, the school system continues to be an enigma for me. I doubt there'll be any big changes coming any time soon.

neil - Very wise of you considering your track record. ONLY KIDDING! :-)

Lisa - Modesty is the best policy, right? :-)

mr. fabulous - More like they whack me with the baseball bat first, the little weasels.

Betty - I have a little note from Boy9 that says "I luv yo very mutsch!" I'm NEVER throwing that one away.

haddock - It wasn't too bad here today and they say the worst of it is over.

Schatzi - Yeah, your new digs must be a welcome change.

papascott - Even worse if it's not a verlässliche Grundschule- then they can send them home any old time.

Thanks, Mar! :-)

Elemm - That's cold! You need to knit yourself a snow suit. :-)

Wabby - Good idea. But will they get here before the great thaw?

Expat - That's interesting - are you working in an ESL situation? The weather seems to be pretty unusual all over Europe right now.

At January 25, 2006 9:16 a.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

As always, Christina, you have the knack for telling a good story or writing a great post! I love reading whatever comes outta your head :)

At January 25, 2006 10:30 a.m., Blogger christina said...

Aww, thanks, Ginnie! There's so much going on in my head that I don't even know where to start sometimes!

At January 26, 2006 3:33 p.m., Blogger Ginnie said...

But once you start, watch out! Here she comes!! I love it.


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