Tuesday, December 06, 2005

calling all conifers

Boy12 really likes puns and a play on words so I put this little postcard in his Nikolaus stocking.

(You might not get it unless your German is pretty good.)


At December 07, 2005 12:00 a.m., Blogger Dixie said...

Bravo! That was brilliant! Definitely got a laugh out of us.

At December 07, 2005 1:23 a.m., Blogger melusina said...

Oh no. It's a groaner! My husband, who knows German, had to explain it to me. After which, I groaned. Haha!

At December 07, 2005 7:34 a.m., Blogger Karen said...

Grin. Quite creative!

At December 07, 2005 9:15 a.m., Blogger christina said...

It's so corny, isn't it? I was downtown last week and they had all these funny postcards and this was one of them so I had to buy it. Puts a smile on my face every time I read it.

At December 07, 2005 9:39 a.m., Blogger swissmiss said...

Cute. Groan, but cute!

At December 07, 2005 9:54 a.m., Blogger Elemmaciltur said...

Hahahaha, that's cheesy, but nevertheless funny and cute!

Word verficaton: Bribe Victor With X'mas Kuchen! *LOL*

At December 07, 2005 11:21 p.m., Anonymous Marc said...

Nice ! btw, we kept the shoes for Nikolausy, but I was allowed to introduce the stocking as a Weihnachtsbonus.

At December 08, 2005 1:37 p.m., Anonymous Belinda said...

LOL that's pretty funny and very creative.


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