Sunday, October 09, 2005

sunday fun

Last night we had this interesting vegetable with our dinner.

It's called romanesco - a cross between broccoli and wild cauliflower, and I just love the way it looks. Like little trees reaching for the sky. The taste is more cauliflower, than broccoli, I'd say, but there's a certain sweetness thrown in that makes it very delicious if you're a fan of brassica vegetables. While I was surfing around I also found out that the romanesco is one of the vegetables that exhibits the Fibonacci spiral (if you click on fruit and vegetables you'll see the romanesco there). Fascinating.

After dinner, because I just can't leave well enough alone, I decided that I was going to highlight my hair and I asked Mr. M to help me. He did a fine job, except for the fact that instead of coppery highlights I now have weird brassy orangey hair and DO NOT look like the girl on the box. Oh well.

Mr. M: It doesn't look that bad.
Me: No, it's OK. Some people run around looking like this all the time but I'm not used to it.
Mr. M: I know. It could be worse. It just looks a little...
Me: Cheap?
Mr M: Yeah, that's it!

don't try this at home, kids

I'll be scuttling down to the drugstore with a bag on my head early tomorrow morning to see if I can get something to tone it down a bit and if that doesn't work, I'll be seeking professional help.

Mr. M did his usual tennis and sauna thing this morning, stopping off at a flea market on the way home where he just happened to snap up this remote controlled motorcycle. Because you can never have too many remote controlled vehicles, right? And the ten we have now just weren't cutting it. *sigh* Boy9 built a ramp and painted flames and skulls on it and the boys spent the day doing stunts.


No more time to blog. Tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving and I've got two pies in the oven this evening - one pumpkin, one elderberry (an experiment). More excitement tomorrow.


At October 09, 2005 11:55 p.m., Blogger J said...

I think your hair looks very nice that colo(u)r.

At October 10, 2005 12:22 a.m., Blogger christina said...

Thanks, J, but it actually looks better in the picture than in real life. It's sort of stripey and blotchy and not really what I wanted.

At October 10, 2005 1:03 a.m., Blogger cmhl said...

I like your highlights!!

I am the queen of trying to save some $$ and do ti myself, and I always end up going in to get it fixed. i feel your pain.

At October 10, 2005 1:40 a.m., Blogger Cathy said...

ok how brave are you; it looks like something off a tropical reef. i was just commenting to my husband today that i feel like canada is becoming orange broccoli; what?? he says to me; a cross-breed, i say...we now have more and more american stores and restaurants than ever; the first Applebee's in NS now..we are cross-breeds. i have this thing for genetically modifying food; it freaks me out...maybe this will become a theme of my blog post in the days to come. happy thanksgiving; are you celebrating it in Germany?

At October 10, 2005 1:55 a.m., Anonymous Haddock said...

The Romanesco stuff looks like coral - the Haddocks are big fans of cauliflower & broccoli, so if we see it we will definitely try it.

The hair colour looks ok....I have seen a lot worse here in Germany.

You're right though....a household can never have too many remote controlled vehicles (we have only the one, so we have scope for more additions) :)

At October 10, 2005 8:07 a.m., Blogger Karen said...

The highlights look quite nice in the photo. I accidentally had orange hair once too :-) when I tried to dye my blonde hair red. It wasn't pretty, to say the least ;-)

At October 10, 2005 11:13 a.m., Blogger Hannah said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I like your hair colour too.
I've moved my blog, as I wanted to go more anonymous. I tried to e-mail you with the new URL, but it bounced back. E-mail me via the old site if you want to know where I've gone :-)

At October 10, 2005 12:14 p.m., Blogger christina said...

OK, Hannah! I'll do that! Thanks for letting me know.

At October 12, 2005 12:03 a.m., Blogger lily b said...

I once let my husband talk me into using a hair color of his choosing. Instead of the beautiful deep red on the box, I looked like a blotchy golden retriever. It took three dye treatments to get it anywhere near socially acceptable.

At October 12, 2005 4:20 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can tone it down by using Head and Shoulders shampoo. Apply to dry hair, leave in for 10 minutes, rinse and repeat often. It will take a few (perhaps 10 washes) before you really notice anything.


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