Saturday, October 15, 2005

I slept in until 4 p.m. this afternoon

No, no, not a hangover. Just the same old mysterious tropical disease that's been following me around all week. My sinuses decided to have a party in my head and are totally thrashing the place. More later...


At October 15, 2005 9:12 p.m., Blogger cmhl said...


hope you feel better soon..

At October 16, 2005 1:31 a.m., Blogger J said...

Damn,girl. I'd love to sleep past 10am (I'm usually up by 6am).

At October 16, 2005 1:51 a.m., Blogger christina said...

I'm usually up by 6:30 on weekdays, J, but this was an emergency and I had my backup staff to take care of things.


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