Wednesday, October 26, 2005

gearing up for halloween



At October 26, 2005 8:43 p.m., Blogger Mrs. Darling said...

That is the coolest light!

At October 27, 2005 3:05 a.m., Blogger Cathy said...

Is Halloween celebrated in Germany? I know it wasn't when my father was a child. Sorry for the ignorant question.

At October 27, 2005 6:05 a.m., Blogger Crystal said...

I think I asked that same question as Cathy, because my husband said Europeans don't celebrate Halloween. I've gotta quickly put together a costume for the party I'm going to on Friday, I have no clue what to "be"!

At October 27, 2005 9:46 a.m., Blogger hippo_pepperpot said...

Wow... I would have that up all year round. Can I buy one online?

wv: hairy fingers... no... huge fingers

shoot, messed it's just

wv: borrow

At October 27, 2005 11:00 a.m., Blogger Berlinbound said...

I have the same question as Cathy ...

At October 27, 2005 1:10 p.m., Blogger christina said...

Well...Germans don't traditionally celebrate Halloween, but like any holiday where you can make a buck off people, it's becoming more popular here (commercialism is everywhere!), even though many still don't really 'get' it. There are organized costume parties and a few kids in our neighbourhood come to our house because they know we'll have candy for them, but trick or treating isn't really done on a large scale and my kids don't go out on the 31st. Instead they collect candy on Nov. 11 - St. Martin's Day.

We've always celebrated Halloween as a family because I want my boys to know about my culture and the things I did when I was a child.

hippo - I have no idea if you could find that online. My husband got it at a supermarket near us called Real but I don't see any manufacturer on it. I think it's one of those "made in China" things. I just might leave it up all year too since it goes with our living room. :-)

At October 28, 2005 7:49 a.m., Blogger hippo_pepperpot said...

Easter is another Holiday that is a bit different here... people buy big chocolate eggs and give them to their family and friends.

wv: judge in the hood?


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