Monday, August 01, 2005

people in other places get a day off today

Well, according to Stella and Marisa, today is Swiss National Day. I can just see them hopping up and down waving their little Swiss flags!

After reading someone else's blog yesterday, I suddenly remembered that the first Monday in August is also British Columbia Day. In (some) other parts of Canada it's known as Civic Day. Nobody seems to really know what's being celebrated. I was always under the impression that the holiday was invented when people started whining about there not being a long weekend in August. An interesting fact: three provinces and two territories recognize the day as a statutory holiday, five provinces as a civic holiday. Two provinces and one territory don't recognize it at all. What does that mean? It means that if you're working today and live in a place celebrating a statutory holiday, your employer is obliged to pay you holiday pay. All the other poor slobs are out of luck.

So this is British Columbia's flag. Isn't it pretty?

The Union Flag, defaced in its centre by a crown, represents the province's origins as a British colony. The wavy blue and white lines suggests B.C.'s position between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, and the setting sun reminds us of the fact that B.C. is Canada's westernmost province.

In B.C, the sun appears to set behind the Pacific Ocean. Boy do I miss those sunsets.

Here's a little Canadian rant you might enjoy. And yes, I do talk just like that.


At August 02, 2005 9:32 a.m., Anonymous haddock said...

That's definately an unusual flag....very nice though.

At August 02, 2005 10:56 a.m., Anonymous JCS said...

Are postal offices and government services closed on civic holidays?

Re European washing machines: Do not attempt to get me started on US washing machines. For seven long years I had to deal with water-wasting, clothes mangling top loaders that lacked a heating element to reach a defined temperature. Sure, the cycle is short. But thanks to the incredible waste of water, these behemoths are contributing significantly to water shortages in arid areas like Nevada, Utah etc. Also, the "propeller" in top loaders is a killer for higher quality business shirts. That's probably one reason why you can hardly get thin European style business shirts that are a bit more delicate in the US. Moreover, US machines seem to have much lower rpm on average which in turn leads to waste of electricity when using a dryer.
How the US is the leading science nation while its citizens accept yesterday's technology in their households is a mystery to me.

At August 02, 2005 4:19 p.m., Blogger christina said...

Mr Haddock - it is unusual, isn't it. I like the symbolism in it. Don't you think it would make a great beach towel?

JCS- Yes, yes, you poor thing, you've ranted here several times before(and always anonymously at that - not very good blogging etiquette, I'm afraid) about the horrors of living in the US. I really fail to see what your comments have to do with me or my blog since I am neither American, nor do I live there.

Perhaps starting a blog of your own would be a good idea?

At August 02, 2005 4:20 p.m., Blogger Philip said...

That flag's got a great deal going on doesn't it?

At August 02, 2005 7:40 p.m., Blogger J said...

Lovely flag. Thanks for the explanation.

As far as the rant goes, it's amusing. I realise that I might get flamed for saying this, but a lot of the 'Canadian identity' appears to be about not being American (USA people for the pedants).

Of course, I could always blame being doped up on pain pills for that paragraph.

At August 02, 2005 7:59 p.m., Blogger christina said...

I won't be getting out my flamethrower today, J - I agree with you 100%.

We Canadians are sometimes a bit touchy about being constantly mistaken (happens A LOT in Europe) for Americans. Not that there's anything wrong with being American. I love Americans!

But it's like throwing the English, the Scots and the Irish all in one boat, or telling Austrians that they're German just because they speak the same (well, sort of) language.

A lot of the stuff in that rant were stereotypes of what some people think Canada is like, and the rest of it was in jokes poking fun at Canadians themselves.

At August 03, 2005 4:24 p.m., Blogger Ms Mac said...

I love that flag! Loads of colour and movement! Also, I am a bit partial to the Union Jack too so extra points for that! ;-)


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