Saturday, August 06, 2005


Yes, I swear on a stack of tortillas that I AM going to get to the food meme that Sal tagged me with a couple of days ago, but unfortunately I was struck down by yet another killer headache yesterday afternoon (maybe I need my head examined?) and wasn't able to concentrate all that well for the rest of the evening. Today turned out to be busier than I thought. There were many, many things to do. Sadly, blogging wasn't one of them. I'll just write some off the top of my head blah blah here until I can control my thoughts better.

Anyway, as I mentioned, we went to the animal shelter yesterday to check out the new arrivals. Although they don't have that many dogs at the moment, one little guy did catch our eye. As far as they can tell, he's a Terrier/Schnauzer cross, about 5 years old. He smallish, has an all-black, wiry coat and goes by the name of Boris. Boris was picked up roaming about somewhere and as such the shelter staff don't know as much about him as they would like to. We took him out for a while on a leash and he was very friendly and mellow and didn't bark much when other dogs went by. Also didn't flinch at all when a jet flew overhead at low range (the shelter is very close to the airport) so it looks like he could stand a little noise. Right now the poor dear has a sprained elbow (dogs have elbows? who knew?), most likely from accidently stepping into a hole when he was out playing with a couple of other dogs. That's slowing him down a bit right now, however he should be fine in a couple of weeks and they're doing x-rays to make sure everything's healing up nicely.

So that's all just wonderful. Except that there's always a catch, right? The woman at the shelter was very honest with us and told us that Boris' one tiny little problem is that he's absolutely terrified of the vet. The times they've had him examined, he's gone completely nuts, making them think he must have had a bad experience in the past. Oh oh.

We're taking some time to think and will go back next week. If he's still there, we may take him and get him some doggy anxiety therapy because he really is very sweet. If there are other dogs that appeal to us, we'll consider them as well. Hard decision to make. Just looking at all those innocent homeless dogs and cats (and hamsters! and bunnies! and sheep!) brings tears to my eyes every time we go there. I feel like taking them ALL home.


At August 07, 2005 11:36 a.m., Blogger Karen said...

I think it's wonderful that you are adopting a homeless dog!
I can't go into a shelter - it breaks my heart to see them (and I have too many pets as it is!)

At August 07, 2005 2:12 p.m., Blogger Sal DeTraglia said...

Hey Christina:

Don't sweat the meme-thing. It's not like a carton of milk. There's no "sell by" date.

It's more important tat you take care of yourself and feel better.



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