Thursday, July 14, 2005

yeah, I'm hot

But only in the sense that it's been 30°C here since about 8 a.m.and we've barely been able to move. Our house is well-insulated so if we keep the doors and windows closed during the day it's usually bearable but today was pretty bad. Luckily we have a pedestal fan in the living room and ceiling fans upstairs in our room, the kids' rooms and the guest room. I'm seriously thinking of getting one for my kitchen because it was a sauna in there even though I barely cooked anything.

Tomorrow evening we're going out for sushi to celebrate my father-in-law's 76th birthday. He can never remember the word 'sushi' so he always says, "Let's go get some of that white Japanese stuff. You know - fuji!" What a card. The guy is a laugh a minute. NOT.

I got a funny e mail from my mum yesterday in which she described her and Dad's recent trip to Osoyoos (a resort town in south eastern B.C.) to check out a lake house for us all to spend a week at when we go over next summer. My youngest brother, his wife and their 4-yr-old Holy Terror were there as well, along with a friend of my sister-in-law's with two holy terrors of her own, ages 2 and 4. The original Holy Terror has behavioural problems that are not being addressed properly and apparently the other two children were also uncontrollable so a loud, lousy time was had by all. To quote my mum, "I've never in my life heard such screeching, bellowing and screaming going on, and that was just the mothers!" Heh. I will be stocking up on ear plugs in preparation for our next holiday.

On a quieter, more peaceful note, I stumbled across this site the other day and have been busily reading the archived essays. Very calming and inspirational.


At July 15, 2005 11:52 a.m., Blogger J said...

I love the hot weather we're having and hope it continues. We're off to a music festival here in town 20h - 2h tonight and tomorrow night. My hopes are high, however knowing Koblenz there'll be something wrong with it, or it'll suck.

At July 15, 2005 12:22 p.m., Blogger christina said...

Well, the suckiness has to stop sometime, J, so maybe today will be the day!

At July 16, 2005 12:38 a.m., Blogger J said...

Christina, I've been telling myself that for three years now. It was okay, but we left early due to idiots.


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