Tuesday, June 14, 2005

things can only get better from here

(This is going to be a mish-mash of different stuff so bear with me while I ramble on and bore you all to death while changing the subject without prior notice).

I woke up with a killer headache this morning and the news about everyone’s pal Michael Jackson isn’t making it any better. He was such a cute little boy. What happened? I still have to do my volunteer group at the library at 12 and tutor for three hours straight this afternoon. Will I make it? Tune in later and find out. I’m really trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption, which is already very low, but obviously too high for me because I’m not sleeping like I should and it’s having an effect on my daily life. I gave up coffee years ago because it makes me wingy, however I can’t seem to get off the black tea. It’s not really the caffeine lift that I’m after, it’s that lovely flowery taste and aroma that you don’t get from any other drink. I’ve tried decaf tea, but the brand I bought just tasted like dishwater. Herbal teas don’t do it for me either although I do drink them sometimes just for something different. Oh well. Giving up artificial stimulants has never been easy, I guess.

This is making me feel ill today: Since Friday there have been reports in the paper and on the news about a male kindergarten teacher sexually abusing at least 7 little children at a private kindergarten (a German pre-school that takes kids ages 3-6) only a few blocks away from where we used to live in Hannover. After an anonymous tip-off from a colleague last week, this 32-yr-old single man who lives with his mother close to Hamlin (Pied Piper, rats and all that) has been arrested and accused of molesting these children over 200 times. He had been working at this particular kindergarten since 2002 and before that as a substitute wherever he was needed so it’s not clear if there was also abuse elsewhere. Apparently he would take the children into a darkened room meant for naps and would “cuddle” with them. Police say this “cuddling” went far beyond just touching but the children never confided in anyone. You think you're doing your child a favour by enrolling him in a private school instead of one of the state-run places which aren't always the highest quality and then something like this happens. Ugh. The kindergarten has obviously been closed for the time being and every child who attended in the past few years is being questioned to find out how something like this could happen. I’m on a couple of mailing lists for people either living in or interested in Germany and it always amazes me that people (usually the ones who have never lived here) seem think that Germany is some kind of paradise for raising children. Believe me, it’s not. This type of things happens everywhere.

Mr. M is at a retirement bash for one of his colleagues this afternoon and evening so I can make fish sticks for dinner and no one will care.

Tomorrow is my long overdue annual ob/gyn exam. I don’t know why I kept putting it off this time since I don’t really mind being prodded by strange men in white coats if they’re interested in saving my life. My doctor is a really nice guy who got me through the entire 41 weeks of my last pregnancy 9 years ago. He has wild hair and wears no socks and usually has the time to answer any questions I may have. One of my internet friends is going through serious breast cancer issues right now so it’s making me think about my own health and how lucky I am not to have to face that, right now, at least. Who knows what the future holds.

We sent in our tax return several weeks ago and were delighted to get a nice refund in the mail this morning. Spend it or save it is now the question of the day. I’m leaning toward the spending side. What’s money for, after all?

Man, I wasn’t kidding after my birthday about having no pants (OK, trousers for you Brits – I’m not talking about underwear here) that fit. I’m getting desperate. I mean, I can get them done up, but it’s so uncomfortable, you know? Reminds me of a greeting card I saw once that read: “Remember, ladies, stretch pants are a privilege, not a right!” I’ll have to leaf through a few catalogues and order myself a smashing elastic-y summer wardrobe. If we ever get any summer, that is. It’s supposed to go up to 24°C today, though. We’ll see.


At June 14, 2005 12:17 p.m., Blogger Elemmaciltur said...

The thing about that Erzieher is pretty, well, shocking. My bf's also an Erzieher, so I know the risks in this job.

I can't help you about the coffee/tea thing. We've gotten ourselves the Senseo machine about a month ago and I've been drinking coffee like mad, so I'll have to watch out a bit. :p

How come you get the refund from you tax return so fast? My bf handed it in personally and they told him that he'll have to wait at least about 8 weeks, i.e. 2 months for the refund! *shakes head*

Anywayz, the sun's shining here in the south for the moment's being, but a storm's supposed to be brewing for this afternoon. *sigh* What happened to summer???

At June 14, 2005 1:25 p.m., Blogger Jo said...

Hello there!

Stick with the caffeine thing. I've managed three weeks caffeine free so far and am very proud of myself.

Worryingly, it's made no difference to my sleeping or my 'energy' levels, but I'm sure it's good for me. Somehow!

At June 14, 2005 3:15 p.m., Blogger MoDigli said...

I can't live without caffeine! In fact, I'm needeing a cup of coffee right now. So I am no help whatsoever! I wish you luck, though! I've quit coffee for bursts at a time; but like a true junkie, I always go back home! ;)

As for the child molestations and MJ. It's just a sad sad world. That sort of thing is rampant! We don't want to beleive it's everywhere, but it is. It makes me so afraid for kids! And I consider myself lucky to have survived my childhood without it.... although there was this one guy in my neighborhood, I swear he was a molester! Maybe I should write a post about that.

Sorry to ramble!
Nice blog! Found you thru Jo.

At June 14, 2005 4:58 p.m., Anonymous haddock said...

There's not much caffeine in Black Tea and Black Tea is very good for you. Someting to do with free radicles and anti-oxydants (spelling?)
I drink the stuff by the bucket loads (think we british are fed it at birth :) ).....but the last couple of years I have tried to cut down and drink herbal teas instead, but its not quite the same.

At June 14, 2005 8:31 p.m., Blogger christina said...

elemmaciltur - they interviewed a man who works in another kindergarten and he said he's very aware of the limits and what's appropriate. It only takes one sicko to ruin it for the rest of them who are only trying to do their jobs and genuinely care for the children. Our tax return always seems to get done really fast. No idea why.

Jo and Modigli - thanks for stopping by!

Mr. Haddock -Yes, black and green teas are both very good for you and I enjoy them so much. I just seem to be sensitive to even small amounts of caffeine these days. I may try cutting out the tea completely for a while to see if I actually do sleep better and if I don't, I'll go back to drinking it in moderation.

At June 15, 2005 10:00 a.m., Anonymous Joolez said...

Makes me sick everytime I read and hear about any people anywhere taking advantage of children. I just can't seem to get this in my head what went wrong with them, that the "protection instinct" doesn't kick in. Makes me pretty aggressive, too.

Have you tried your black tea with honey and lemon? That way you still get the good things, even more of it, with the added perks and many people seem to tolerate it better that way. I can't drink black tea without it.


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