Friday, June 24, 2005

feels like home - for a couple of hours at least

When I moved here my mother thought it would be a nice idea to present me with a gift subscription for Canadian Living magazine - recipes, crafts, the latest Canuck news and a bit of Canadiana thrown in for fun. A little piece of home away from home and one of the best things she ever gave me. The June issue arrived yesterday (they are sooooo slow) but I haven't had time to sit down and leaf through it page by page yet. I can hardly wait. Just look what's in there, will you:

Perfectly Elegant Tea Sandwiches! Yummm!

The 15 Swimsuits You'll Love to Wear! I doubt it. We'll see.

Favourite Rib Recipes! Oh, yes please!

Think Yourself Beautiful! Still working on it, thank you.

Discover Goat Cheese! Been there. Done that. I am so very cultured.

Garden Escape - 20 Plants and Ideas! I'm all over that one.

Strawberry Lemon Custard Shortcake! How good does that sound?

So I've been getting this magazine once a month for the past 15 years and I think I've only thrown away a very few issues, and those probably by mistake. I have trouble throwing stuff out, especially if it means something to me. Just like Mr. M hasn't thrown away any of his Old Timer car magazines or that moldy wood in the garage that he's been saving for a rainy day. Moldy wood seems to have some sort of sentimental value for him. I should have actually called this blog Packrat meets Packrat, I suppose.

On days when I'm pinin' for the fjords I love to flip through old issues of this magazine because they're just so darned Canadian, and what's not to love about that?

The thunderstorm they promised us on Wednesday never did arrive. The sky is looking pretty threatening this afternoon, however, so we'll probably be in for a downpour later. We're visiting friends for dinner tonight . I hope they weren't planning a barbeque.
My father-in-law is in the hospital right now having all sorts of tests and it turns out he has severe sleep apnea. I've been telling everyone this for years, and it took them until now to make an appointment with a specialist and get things sorted out. He'll need to wear a mask at night to keep him breathing and hopefully he'll start feeling better soon. Right now he's a wreck and not very pleasant to be around. He's in there until Monday and then we'll see. Dealing with aging parents freaks me out sometimes.


At June 24, 2005 2:34 p.m., Anonymous haddock said...

Thunderstorms never got here either.....the lawn has started to go brown.
Know what you mean about the aging parent thing....its pretty freaky. Almost ends up with us being the parents and them being the children. Talking of which the rest of the Haddocks are off to see the aging parents this weekend. I got a free pass as I will be at work in nice air conditioned enviroment.

At June 24, 2005 3:27 p.m., Blogger christina said...

Yeah, what do they call it? The Sandwich Generation where you're having to look afer your parents while you're still looking after your own children?

The clouds have cleared off here and the sun is blazing again. Go figure.

At June 24, 2005 3:34 p.m., Blogger Lynn said...

Just popping in on you to catch up, and send greetings from a sunny and warm Nova Scotia. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

At June 25, 2005 4:02 p.m., Blogger J said...

I know what it's like to want a bit of home. Whenver a friend/student visits the US, I have them bring me back Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

I guess it's different for Americans though, as the US is constantly in the worldwide news.

We've had some rain today (a downpour appeared out of nowhere as I was walking from the supermarket to the car), but it's mainly been mostly cloudy. I hope tomorrow's nice, as it's a cycling day.

At June 26, 2005 10:55 a.m., Blogger jen said...

I miss the Peanut butter cups too!

We got rain, but it just created steam on our deck. did not cool things off a bit.

At December 19, 2005 6:16 p.m., Anonymous Javier Goldblatt said...

I hope you are well!


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