Sunday, June 12, 2005

And Sunday night rolls around again

Boy, that was a fast week. Must be true what they say about time moving faster the older one gets. When you get to be as old as I am the days just whiz by, I tell ya.

Saturday afternoon we went to the local Stadfest which is a sort of annual community day/fair/rock concert/outdoor party type of thing also known as Another Really Good Excuse to Drink Lots of Beer. Apparently there was a beer stand every 10 metres or so, although I wasn't really counting, beer not being my drink of choice. Besides the beer there were pony rides and rescue dog demonstrations and games for the kids. We were lucky enough to come away with a soccer ball and a badminton set as prizes. Good times all around.

Boy9 had his very best friend sleep over on Saturday night, the word "sleep" being relative when you get two nine-year-old boys together. I had thrown the ingredients for pizza dough into the bread machine in the late afternoon, so shortly after P got here we all sat down to a nice, kid-friendly dinner that disappeared like magic. After dinner the boys retired to the guest room, their room for the night, to watch Asterix and Obelix on TV and eat the special treats I had bought for them and Boy12.

When bedtime rolled around (for the rest of us old people, anyway), I was supervising teeth-brushing and thinking how small and vulnerable these skinny little boys looked. I guess Boy9 will always be our "baby" and at times I think we have protected him too much because he seems so fragile, although he's really a tough little nut inside. He is the exact opposite of his older brother who is a big, friendly, confident, cuddly bear of a kid without a care in the world and the nature vs. nurture debate really comes to mind when we see how different from each other our two sons are.

The boys actually managed to get some sleep and after a late breakfast of crepes and bacon P's dad picked him and we went on with our day.


At June 14, 2005 9:30 a.m., Blogger forgottenmachine said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Will peruse your blog further, but just wanted to leave a quick greeting.

At June 14, 2005 10:45 a.m., Anonymous Ivy said...

Sounds like fun!

However it sometimes seems like my day goes by in a blink of an eye. I think it has more to do with watching my kids grow up than it does with getting old. I dont think i'm and if I consider myself old then that makes others really old and that just isnt so.

I really enjoy reading your blog!


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