Friday, May 20, 2005

watch your step!

Our daily newspaper, which covers regional and international news, also includes a smaller, local paper with information from the many small towns surrounding us. Today I read an article about one neighbouring community being so tired of trying to avoid the dog poop on the sidewalks that they've decided to take action. Doggy doo seems to be a very large problem here. There are by-laws, but I have rarely seen them enforced, and machines put up to dispense those little plastic bags have been immediately vandalized. Not everyone lets his dog go just anywhere, of course, and I have seen some people pick up after their animals, but there are still large amounts of canine excrement coming from somewhere. It must happen late at night under the cover of darkness because you never actually see the culprits in action. Taking an early- morning walk down the street, however, you'll find a whole bunch of fresh piles that you swear weren't there yesterday. It's something I can't really understand since right across the street there are a ton of bushes and a lovely field just begging to be pooped on.

I don't know if this is a problem all over Europe, but long ago in my previous life I had a Greek boyfriend who lived in Nice, France for a while and he used to tell me stories about unbelievable amounts of poop on the promenades and no one doing anything about it.

Anyway, the new plan is to sell humorous little laminated signs that people can attach to their fences reminding dog owners to either watch where the dogs are doing their business in the first place or to at least dispose of said business if it does land on the sidewalk. They've thought up a few snazzy sayings to make the whole thing just a little bit more fun:

"Excuse me, haven't you forgotten something?"
"Your little darling is embarrassed. How about you?"
"Good boy! Pick it up and dispose of it properly!"

All very nice. My contribution would be "Sh*t happens. Just don't leave it on the sidewalk for me to step in!"


At May 20, 2005 2:26 p.m., Blogger Wigwam Jones said...

How about, "If I ever catch you leaving your dog's poop where someone else can step in it, I'll jam it down your throat, you sausage?" I like that one.

At May 20, 2005 3:44 p.m., Blogger Just another American Expat said...

Here in Bamberg they are pretty nitpicky about dog dodo. It has been an extremely rare occasion that I have seen doggy poop on the sidewalk, let alone stepped having in it.

At May 20, 2005 7:56 p.m., Anonymous Haddock said...

Back in my hometown in England it's a problem, but in Marburg its not. But be careful if you go walking by the fields, cos that's where the dogs walked and are pooped (if that's a verb).
Nice website and lots of info on Thyroid Disease. I have to take Thyroxine (think its called that....its a little white pill anyway) everyday, but I'll be honest I dont know much about it, except that I get tired easily.
I will also be following your gardening exploits as well.

At May 23, 2005 10:34 a.m., Anonymous JCS said...

Here in Berlin it's a huge problem. There are many Berliners who falsely believe that it's a good idea to keep a dog in a typical German flat in the first place. Since these busy people cannot be bothered to pick up after their dog, they just leave the feces on the sidewalk (regardless whether it's right in front of a playground). Whenever you leave your car (parked at curbside), you have to be extremely careful to avoid these "tretminen". And when the temperatures start to rise, there's a lovely smell in the air.

I still have to catch one of those cretins red-handed in my street.


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