Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ooh, did I finally find the meaning of life??


At May 25, 2005 6:21 p.m., Anonymous iliana said...

Have a terrific Birthday! Those cakes look yummy... I'll be celebrating your birthday because it just so happens that it's my birthday too :)

At May 25, 2005 9:11 p.m., Blogger Ms Mac said...

That's a fabulous thingy for your birthday candle!

Well, did you?

At May 25, 2005 9:19 p.m., Blogger christina said...

Happy Birthday to you, too, Iliana!

Ms. Mac - we have all the numbers for those candle holders so we just stick in the right one when there's a birthday. I think it's a traditional German thing.

Still working on the meaning of life!

At May 26, 2005 2:08 p.m., Blogger Le laquet said...

Happy Birthday to you for yesterday! Hope this coming year brings you lots of good things :o)

At May 30, 2005 9:21 p.m., Blogger J said...

See how daft I am? I can't even put your bday wish on the right post! You have another wish a few posts up.


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