Monday, May 23, 2005

nice weekend

Friday we had dinner with the friends we've been having dinner with almost every Friday for the past 15 years. Sometimes it's an elaborate dinner, sometimes just sandwiches but we always have fun.

Saturday was my dear old dad's birthday. I tried phoning him at what would have been about 9 a.m. his time only to get the answering machine. Finally got hold of him on Sunday and found that he had been out hiking with my mother and some friends for his birthday. Not bad for a 76- year-old. I sure hope I hold up that well. My 4-year-old nephew (aka The Holy Terror) was also there on Sunday and wanted to talk to me on the phone. So I say hello and he says, "Tina? I have to tell you something. I went to Science World and saw a giant hippopotamus. OK, bye, I love you." Short and sweet. He's a handful but he tells the most hilarious stories.

My dad is Austrian so he loves all that traditional Austrian/Southern German food. Last night in his honour we had something that I wouldn't normally make (see picture below): Weißwurst mit Sauerkraut und Knödel. That's weißwurst (a special kind of Bavarian sausage), sauerkraut (duh) and potato dumplings accompanied by a bit of salad to give it some colour. I know the whole thing looks pretty unappetizing but it tastes OK. Really. We sent Dad a picture to let him know what he missed, poor guy. My mother keeps him on a short leash as far as food is concerned. I guess that's why he's still doing as well as he is.

We spent most of Saturday at various building centres looking for just the right colour of laminate flooring for Boy9's room, which is badly in need of renovation. His present floor had a bad run-in with some indelible markers and a bottle of glue and needs to be replaced. Mr. Artistic insisted on having a green floor, which would have been fine, except they didn't have any so I persuaded him that a nice rustic brown would be wonderful and that it would look like a ship's cabin. So of course then he wanted a porthole, and what do you know, Mr. M. dug around in all his junk and came up with a round mirror framed with wood that matches the floor exactly. A few bolts glued on and it's a porthole. This should be fun. We're going to start tearing up the room tomorrow since Mr. M has the whole week off after today as part of his holidays for this year.

I was really suprised yesterday to get an email from my uncle (dad's younger brother) and his girlfriend in Montreal. He's 74 and has had way more health problems than my dad but he's still going strong. I've only met him twice in my life, the last time being in 2000 when I went to Ontario for a wedding reception for my youngest brother and his wife. I'm happy he has email so we can talk more often now. He and my dad are total opposites and it's always fun to see them together. He may come out to Vancouver next summer when we're there so we can meet his companion.

To top off my weekend I got a pre-birthday e-card from someone who is very, very special to me so I'll be carrying that great feeling around with me all week. Lucky me.


At May 30, 2005 9:26 p.m., Blogger J said...

Your Friday night tradition sounds great, and reminded me of the Friday night pizza tradition I had with my colleague and several friends when I lived in Poland.

Every Friday night, we went out for pizza after work. My colleague and I had given our friends open invitataions, so we never knew who was coming. However, rarely was it just him and me. When the pizza shop closed, 22h, we went to our local pub until whenever o'clock. Great times.


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