Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mouse count: 4

Still recovering from the in-law's visit on German Father's Day on Thursday. No idea who decided that having Ascension Day and Father's Day on the same day was a good thing, but the dads seem to like having a day off. It's the day where they're supposed to get as drunk as they can and sing loudly while pulling each other around in wagons. Go figure. Since my better half is a family man, he spent a nice day at home playing street hockey with the kids and entertaining his parents. Mother-in-law is fine but my father-in-law is, shall we say, somewhat difficult, so we didn't shed any tears when the visit was over.

Today I went to visit my dear English friend a couple of villages over from us. She's really one of my best friends here and we've known each other since the beginning. I suppose it's the Anglo-Saxon WASPish background that makes us get on so well. She's a soon-to-be single mother raising a 2-yr old who was born profoundly deaf and is now doing incredibly well. Germany and Germans have certainly not been kind to my friend, but she is one of the strongest people I know and I'm postive things will turn out all right for her in the end.

Four mice so far. We're hoping that was the last one. Now it's time for a big clean out in the basement to see what other little treasures we may find.


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